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by Vassar College

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What do we hope to accomplish?


Last February, alumnae/i gave $148,000 in support of the Vassar500 campaign. You blew us away. This time around, we hope you'll show your love for Vassar by helping us surpass last year's success while honoring someone who mattered to you.*

  • On the first page of the donation screen, you'll see a comment box at the very bottom labeled "Message to Recipient," and will have 140 characters to share a tribute or thought. We also invite you to email a brief, but more detailed explanation and/or photo that we can share with the Vassar community in the slideshow above to: vassarfund@vassar.edu
  • If you can't think of a person or don't want to pick just one, it's ok. Whatever you do, please participate and support Vassar, whether you're honoring a particular person or not. 

Need to phone in your gift or pledge? No problem! Call us at 1-800-443-8196 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST on 2/12 or 2/13 or on Monday the 16th and we'll add you to the donor roll and include your gift or pledge in our totals.


*We know that some of you have already supported the College this year with a gift and are grateful for that support. As our most loyal supporters, we didn't want to leave you out of this Valentine's Day drive.

Elva Adams

i sent my tribute honoring Ann E. Imbrie to Vassarfund@vassar.edu. Please acknowledge receipt to finemj@aol.com. Elva Adams

Karen Lazarus


In honor of Arisa Gereda (class of 2016) and her new roommate.

Kellie C Boss


Where I discovered the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, Ali Can Ertug. A fabulous man. In honour and much gratitude.

Anna Ring

Irene S DiMaio

This valentine is for Prof. Volkmar Sander, who sparked my love of German literature, and his wife, Prof. Margret Herzfeld-Sander. When Volkmar built the German program at Vassar, his classes were electric, for literature was viewed in its social, politica

Richard Bi

In honor of all those in the financial aid office (as well as the generous donors) who made sure that a Vassar education was attainable for people like me.

Berenice Ann Rosenfeld ’65

Evan J Waldron

To Prof. Jennifer Kennell, who mentored me for 4 years and taught me how to think like a scientist.


I would like to honor Professors Curt Beck, Joan Dieters, Marianne Begemann, and Cindy Schwarz, dedicated researchers and teachers, who fostered my love of science. -Dawn Cohen-Schwartz '90

Jennifer L. Batterman

Julie A Riess

Helen R Staley

Sarah E Paumier

Quinton Hallett

David Tobias

Three generations through VC and still feelin' the love! Wish we had more to give but we'll keep pluggin' away... : )

Laurie Martinka

In honor of the wonderful professors and friends that I made at Vassar who continue to influence my life because of the way they helped me to view the world!


A fond and warm salute to Lauri J. Fitz '77 PBK: Dedicated. Determined. Disciplined. Delightful. Dancer. Dreamer.

Hsiu-Hsien Chiang

Darcy J Nelson

Mrs. Margaret Cope "Peggy" Hiemenz ('33) was my neighbor, mentor, and friend. She introduced me to Vassar. Though she transferred to Oberlin before graduating, she was a Vassar Girl through and through. How happy and fortunate am I to have both their marks

C Ann Young

I would like to dedicate my gift to the Film, Drama, French, and Art History departments as well as President Catharine Bond Hill. Vassar for life!

Bona Ko

Ufasaha Yarish

Richard W Roberts

Jameson Marvin and Miss Winifred Asprey ("I'm Miss, not Ms.; I'm not a manuscript."). Her pedagogical style fused a magnetic enthusiasm with a cleverly disciplined simplicity of presentation that made learning from her even recondite subject matter pure f

William Caplan

The Caplans- met as Bill Caplan and Marlene Zelek at freshmen convocation in 1976. Thank you VC!


That one of my children is holding Vassar dear, and that her siblings shall continue to carry that valuing into the future, too, is - as the ad campaign asserts "priceless!" - how fortunate are we, to reside in a world being made better by the work our sou

Diana Wright

Lynn Janovsky ’86

Tanya J Mickler

Tamiko A. Amaker

Dear Diane Harriford, Your classes empowered and taught me to view the world in a different light. Thank you for all of your guidance, support and wisdom. Sincerely, Tamiko Amaker

Sara F Jones

Leonard J Lipkin

Marygrace Elson

To Colton Johnson, my freshman English teacher, who taught me to write.


Margaret Mitchell

I am giving to thank Harriett Hawkins, who was so enthusiastic, fun, and smart, smart, smart--I am inspired by her today. She made Chaucer exciting and fun, at 8:30 in the morning, no less. I never told her so, but I guess this is something.

Heather Sankey

In honor of my husband, Peter Schindelman '85, my sister Alyssa Sankey '86, and my daughter Amy Schindelman '13 - Vassar College has been good to us so far!! My four years at Vassar were filled with great friends, great teachers and great learning. Thank

Alison K Fargis

My gift is in honor of all the administrators and staff in Vassar's Summer Programs. I know first hand how hard you all work!!

Alexandra Charney

Robert R Wiggins

My gift is in honor of Elizabeth Adams Daniels '41 who as Dean of Studies took a chance and admitted a 16-year-old high school dropout and then followed my progress and helped me get through to a degree.

sarah b defty

Freshman year, as my one elective I picked art history, because my grandfather had been so interested in art. (Google William Keeney Bixby) What a life-changing decision! The most extraordinary course, 105, to set the hook. The most thrilling teachers - Ch

Zachary Zeilman

Lauren Shores

Jennifer K. Buhler

When I think back to my time at Vassar what I remember most are the incredible Vassar faculty who constantly pushed me to think in new ways and ask new kinds of questions. I want to especially recognize Lisa Brawley whose class on Gender and Social Space w

Whitney Templeton

Colin Hogan Sanders

I am donating in honor of all the folks in Buildings and Grounds who work hard to maintain our iconic campus, often with little recognition.

Constance H Cone

Erika Amato

Just a general Valentine to Vassar. I had the pleasure of spending the weekend on campus recently as part of the inaugural Career Connections mentoring event, and I was thoroughly impressed with the current crop of sophomores. VC is in excellent hands. :-)

Asia Suler

Rebecca Jackson


William J Serio

Mary M Haile

Katharine Olla

In honor of my fiancé, Jeff Stickle ('10), and my future in-laws, Patty and Joe (VC staff). Love to VC and my new family!

Kim Kittay

Jeanne Periolat Czula was the best teacher I ever had, ever, for anything. She had the highest standards and expectations for every person who had the good fortune to enroll in her class. She also had the talent, dedication, and passion to ensure that you

Andrea Sisco

To the place that taught me what it felt like to be at home, to the professors who challenged me, and to the friends who've become my family. I'd be nowhere without your invaluable lessons, Vassar!

DeVan Hankerson

Benjamin D Toro

Elizabeth G Schwartz

Giving in thanks of my Grandmother (class of '53), Mother (class of '74), Father (class of '75) and Aunt (class of '78), all brilliant, kind, funny, Vassar people to never pushed me to attend, but loved and raised me in a way that made Vassar the perfect f

Benedict A Schlatter

In honor of Brooke Shields

Alan Dubow

Nana Lamouse-Welch

Deborah A Masterson

My gift is in honor of Betty Quick - White Angel at Cushing- and Madge Driscoll - Purchasing. These lovely ladies were my aunts. Madge always made sure I had treats at exam time. Betty was fearful that her Vassar niece would be too full of herself to ow

Ms. Laurie D Burr

With this Valentine donation, I honor my best friend, Bruce Styne, Vassar 1974 and Ph.D Computer Science, Cambridge. Bruce died in 2009 while working on his second doctorate in Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool. Bruce was fascinated with simila

James A Kelly

Amanda White

Patrick Morgan

This is to Vassar, which, among many other generosities, helped me meet my yearly go-to Valentine.

Gary Stern

In honor of Classics Prof. James Day, the best of all time, and his successor, Prof. Rachel Kitzinger, just retired, an enduring friend to me and now to my Vassar freshman daughter.

Marianne H Begemann

For my grandmother, Clarice Hewitt Leavell, '19, and my mother, Clarice Pennock, '45-4, who shared their love of Vassar and from whom I learned so much.

Jonathan Zacks

Ann B Holler

Alan Neuhauser

In honor of Swim Coach Lisl Prater-Lee and Profs. Brigham, Merrell, Murdoch and Schreier, who all help make Vassar the special place that it is.

Lorie P Coulombe

Tanya M Odom

Gwendolen Korbel

Race B Bottini

Kathryn M Sajdak

In honor of Sofía Novoa, my mentor, role model, and hero, who taught Spanish at Vassar from 1942 until her retirement in 1967. She was extraordinary.

Alix Zongrone

I am giving in honor of the friends, teachers, and mentors with whom I fell in love during my four years at Vassar. The memories, wisdom, and love we shared will stay with me always.

Tiffany J Waters

I'm contributing in honor of Carl Weaver, the wonderful financial aid specialist, who worked tirelessly with me through my four years at Vassar. Depending on the time of year, the financial aid office was my second home and his humor and understanding kept

Viia Ottenbacher

I want to remember and honor my German professor, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Sander, at Vassar from 1958-1963, who became the Erich Maria Remarque Professor of German and director/founder of the Deutsches Haus at New York University. Volkmar not only laid the groun

Deborah M Enright

Lisa Bishoff Cornell

Dear Vassar, YOU are my recipient. On the first day of my 2nd semester of sophomore year, I was called out of class into the Bursar's office: my tuition bill was unpaid and I was currently NOT REGISTERED (!) Finding a nearby pay phone, I called (collect

Daniel Shaw

Morgan Mako

Alijandra Keith

Pretty much not a day goes by that I am not thinking of Matthew's Minstrels! So Mins new and old be my Valentines!

Shannon Sara

In honor of the Varsity Swimming and Diving team.

Harriet E Strumolo

For Cushing memories


David A Dufresne

In honor of Will Serio '13, a great man and loyal alum who is ok with strong a strong woman. Also, to Louise Hastings Dufresne '13, our wonderfully strong strong daughter.


Michelle D. Thomas '77, I miss you!!!

Michelle M Peltier

To honor professor Richard Severo: For his relentlessly honest criticism in Contemporary Press (once I was finallyaccepted into the class!) and his just as relentless support and encouragement from then until now....Mr. Richard Severo became so much more

Elizabeth V Pratt

For my grandmother, Cynthia (Van Doren) Pratt, class of 1933!

Lauren S Kaplan

Emilie Rosanvallon

I want to express how much professor Michael Joyce has meant to me as a teacher and a mentor and how much he continues to mean to me. A creative genius and a gifted pedagogue, I hope to stay friends with him for life.

Elisabeth Sajed

Jean Appenzellar inspired me in swim team and synchronized swimming. Carol Christiansen inspired me in perceptual psychology. Margaret Monroe Normann '52 is my godmother. Finally, husband Amer Sajed '83 & lifelong friends Mindy Ellis Brown, Lea Kessler Sha

Karen B. Domino

Ellenor Barish

Vassar College Ski Team - you provided me with good times, great friends, and ultimately an awesome husband.

Benjamin Krevolin


Ellenor Barish

Stephen J. McCarthy, Jr.

Anthony Friscia

To Pat Wallace in the English Department who is proof that great teachers make a difference in their students' lives.

Lashanna A Dennis

I am making my gift and sending a hugs and kisses to my colleagues Willa McCarthy, Darcie Giansante, Lisa Lynch, Melody Woolley, Eric Watson, Sofia Arroyo, Natalia Preciado, Jessica Rossi and Sara Moore for embracing me as the new Vassar Fund team member.


In loving memory of Sha-lou Biray, Class of 2003. Sha-lou is remembered by many for his kindness, warmth and friendship. And also for his great love of ACDC and Brit Brit.

Leslie M. Wileman

My dedication is to two of the most extraordinary professors I ever knew, both of whom were instrumental in my majoring in history of art at Vassar and thus providing me with the lifelong gift of appreciation, understanding and love for art. The inimitable

Robert Francis Smith

Vassar helped make me the artist I am & my Vassar peeps who've donated to my Columbia project now help me express that-- so thank you all!


Carney M OBrien

I am honoring my advisors, Eamon Grennan and Beth Darlington. Their guidance, creativity and care has remained with me consistently throughout the years!

Linda P. Labaree

My heart went out to M. Rachel Kitzinger the morning she spoke at a Vassar 150 gathering in Cambridge, MA. She thrilled us with her learning and inspired remarks.

Caleb Elfenbein

Elizabeth Brown


Deborah Y. Hawthorn

Ann M Jones

Jennifer M Nigro

This goes out to an angel in the financial aid office, Kathy Nigro, who also happens to be my mom. Mom was there for me through every step of my Vassar journey – from late nights spent applying, to emergency Retreat lunch dates when I doubted whether a gi

Amanda McGinnis Bakaian

I give on behalf of my Gram, class of '41 who passed away last month at 95. She loved Vassar and I loved being a part of her Vassar connection. I have her class ring (although she had a teeny tiny finger and it doesn't fit mine!) and wear it with pride aro

Katharine L. Laubach

To Vassar, without you, I would not be the person I am today.

David Rosenthal

I am grateful to be part of this wonderful place, Vassar, where I met my wife Karen (Breitbarth) Rosenthal '85. This is also to honor her and our kids, Samuel '17, and Lucy '19. Our Vassar story continues!

Catherine Shaw

Rose G Strogatz

With deep appreciation for retired Psychology faculty Anne Constantinople and Stephen Sadowsky. I will always be grateful for their wisdom and encouragement.

Laureen P Cantwell

My gift is in honor of Professors Paul Kane and Beth Darlington -- who gave me strength, courage, friendship, and a voice.

Hope C. Mihalap

Melissa Riebe

My donation is in honor of Fran Fergusson. She lit up Vassar's campus during my time there, and my college experience wouldn't have been the same without her light.

Alyssa Pratt

Eric Schrager

Ian L Patrick

Because Vassar is a place where love is nurtured and developed, found and lost. Along with all those who, like me, found love of critical thinking, community and Nilda's, I support you, Vassar College, through thick and through thin.

KL Babson Jr

Kristin Gleitsman

My husband, Wolfe Gleitsman, and I (both '02) would like to make a donation in honor of Michael Fraher, whose work as the Director of Financial Aid enabled us both to attend Vassar. We are both deeply grateful for the opportunities that a Vassar education

Andrea K Calfee

Lots of Happy Memories. Loved getting Valentine mail back in the '60s!

Stephanie N Zanardi

George O'Brien's Expository Writing class inspired courage of conviction and confidence of expression in me, for which I remain grateful to this day. Thank you, Mr. O'Brien, for encouraging this somewhat reticent young woman to push the boundaries of my cu

Nicole Savage

Kenneth Morford

Tyler A Blake

Martha M Lemert

Molly A Shoemaker

I am donating in honor of Philaletheis Society members, past and present. Phil was one of the first things that made Vassar feel like home to me. I was lucky enough to serve on the Phil Board for all four years of my Vassar career, and I met some of my b


In honor of my always Valentine, Dr. Lana K. Wagner, '88, who completes me and without whom the 2 future Brewers, pictured here, would not be.

Lynai M Jones

LOVE to my VASSAR FRIENDS & FAMILY! My life has forever been altered by knowing you. Lucky me! - Lynai '92, P'16

Max Vasilatos

I married my Student Fellow in Main. He's in hospital with a brain injury ; I send him postcards every day for 13 years so far...

Louise T. Guinther

My gift is in honor of Professor Richard Wilson, my favorite and funniest professor. Listening to his lectures was pure recreation for me. I would not have missed one for the world. Recently, I was cleaning out my old file cabinet and came across a bunch o

Tim McGraw

Honoring Professor and Computer Science department founder, Winifred Asprey, '38. An entrepreneur of the soul.


M C Van Brummelen

I'm sending my love and gratitude to the Math Department at Vassar, and in particular my advisor, Ben Lotto. Thanks to all of you for helping me explore my passion, and thanks to Ben for being a huge support throughout.

Deborah G Steinberg

For Kelly, my roommate forever

Linda Fairstein

ladies of '69

David K Stone

I owe a great deal of my life to Vassar!


I am making my contribution in honor of Art 105/106, a class which changed my perspective on the world and made me a more interesting person!

Loline Leyva Pendergrast

This is to Jeanne Periolat Czula who always encouraged me to feed not only my mind but also my soul on the floor and stage of Kenyon Hall. I love you, Jeanne and my fellow dancers.

Daniel McPhee

Susan Sharer

I would like to dedicate this gift to the Night Owls from 1997-2000. I joined the group at the very end of my freshman year. Some of my best memories at Vassar are rehearsals, trips and just hanging out with all of these great women. Thank you all for wh

Benjamin G Van de Graaf


John D Gortakowski

Leighton Powell

I make this donation in in memory of 1985 classmate Abigail Jones Feder, who left us much too soon. Her commitment to Vassar was inspiring, and she is greatly missed.

Andrew Albertson

My valentine goes to Karen Lucic who took a “chance” w/ me as a research asst & allowing me to take seminars without Art 105. How fitting that I’ve ended up in Santa Fe at MIAC - one of her fave museums - w/ a huge Maria Martinez pot just down the hall.

Sarah B From

In honor of Professor Larry Mumia, who helped me and 100's of other students appreciate the humanity of people in prison, and the injustice of the systems that put them there.

Susannah Jones

Honoring my mom, class of '46, who has a backbone of steel and raised me to have one, too.

David B Hinchman


Betty L Kuo

Thomas Lynch

R M Molina

I would also like to honour DB Brown, current Dean of Students, but someone who has always cared and worked for the well being of the community since he first arrival at Vassar. DB has had great impact of many lives, including myself. He was in charge of

R M Molina

I would like to honour Colton Johnson, former Dean of Studies. Colton was an incredible educator and administrator, but above all he was visionary. A visionary that saw how society would one day shape up and the impact that colleges like Vassar could hav

Daniel F. Flynn IV

For my Vassar Rugby family.

Sarah F Lester

Karen M. Dowd

Thomas P. Roddenbery

To the librarians who taught me how to use all the wonderful resources available in libraries.

Steven A Cook

My gift is in honor of Professor M. Glen Johnson. Without his support and interest during my time at Vassar and beyond I never would have had the amazing, fascinating, challenging, and wonderful career that I now enjoy.



This gift honors all the gals and guys who took the initiative of speedily transporting themselves, and racing around the campus, on bicycles! How brilliantly we employed this super simple mode of conveyance and made the campus just a bit more manageable


The incomparable and indefatigable Dean Colton Johnson - has served our institution in so many remarkable ways over so much time - we've been, and continue to be, so very fortunate to have him - in honor of him, this gift is given!

Sandra Jo Lane Ramsay


Connected to VC in so many ways - all ways and always - honoring the beautiful women and men with whom I grew - thanks, universe, for the provision of the finest of soul mothers!

Eleni Macrakis

Love to all my activist friends on campus, and now out in the world!

Carol L Weiss

This gift is in memory of Professor Carl Degler, who recently passed away. He was undoubtedly the greatest influence on my professional life and, through my work with student teachers, on the lives of countless others.

Catherine C. Covert

Joan Ellis ’51

Curt Beck '77

Kathleen M. Sworden ’81

Carolyn Scheer ’78

Roger Gibian ’90

Sharon N. A. Parkinson

Summer Ebs

Sarah C Godfrey

My gift is to honor my former colleague, Jim Shea '77, whose Vassar wit, style and intellectual curiosity made a reign of terror survivable and at times even fun.

Angel M Needham

Elizabeth J McGrath

For my two favorite astronomers, Debra Elmegreen and Fred Chromey. Their mentorship has extended well beyond my four years at Vassar. I am forever in their debt.


I wouldn't be who or where I am today without Vassar, plain and simple.

Frances C Bickerton

Laura Kikuchi

I can't imagine Vassar without Renee Pabst, so I am donating in her honor. She has been one of my mentors since my time in the Office of Health Education, and I so admire her spirit and strength. She does so much to make Vassar a better place for students

David D Scaglione

Lindsay Roth

Alessandra Sage Schmidt

In celebration of my life long Vassar friends (especially my Lathrop fellow group L2S) who filled my experience with adventure and laughter. We are now scattered all over the world now but still part of each other's lives daily sharing that same enthusiasm

Catherine P Paton

rachel greenfield

Leah Leto

I give this gift in honor of Molly Nesbit of the Art History Department - a tremendous instructor, mentor and friend who taught me how to dig deep - not only in the subject matter but within myself. This gift remains with me every day!



My gift is to honor the incredibly dedicated professors of the Education Department. Without them, I would not be the teacher I am today. Thank you!

Binnie Crabtree

Deborah Elias-Smith


Charlotte Stanforth

Matthew R Norstad

I'm donating to honor the faculty (too many to name) who helped me and my friends grow personally and academically. Thank you for always being there for all of us - we would not be the people we are today without your support those four years.

Sarah R Meindl

Amy McCarthy

Nicholas de Leeuw

I'm giving in honor of my perpetual valentine, Julie Riess '82. We met in front of Jewett before classes started in our freshman year. Nearly 37 years later we have 3 children (one a VC grad himself) and a grandchild together. And we both live and work

Walter W. Fisher III

I can't imagine my Vassar experience without Professor Eve Dunbar as teacher/mentor/friend.

Jesse Holcomb

Sending love to all the amazing people I lived with in Lathrop.


Lucy Richardson

Amanda Culp

This Vassar Valentine goes out to the women of Measure 4 Measure, past, present, and future. When I think about Vassar, and I think about love, I think about 11 pm rehearsals in the gold parlor, A Capella 'till you puke, getting sung in outside my freshman

Eryc Eyl

Professor Ann E. Imbrie was a mentor and friend who, through a relationship begun as teacher and student, changed my life positively and permanently. I'm forever in her debt.

Michele Camardella

Aishat Giwa

I am giving in honor of Francis Baffour and the friends I met during my time at Vassar. Without a doubt, it is these people that truly differentiated my Vassar experience from any other experience at another school. These people were critical to my academi

Ludmilla Trigos

I feel so fortunate to have had two professors who have had a lasting impact on my life: Tony Wohl and Holly Hummel. During my junior year at Vassar, I took an independent study course in Costume History and British history with them, and their guidance he

Ilena Robbins

I am thankful that Vassar provided me the opportunity to get to know Jon Swartz '08. Jon lost his battle with cancer in 2012. Jon was handsome, funny, athletic, and musically talented. Lots of girls wanted to be with him. He always wanted to fall in love.

Shane Trujillo

Jennifer R. Dawson


Megan McIsaac

Kaila Allen-Posin

Thank you, Tova Weitzman, for your humor, your inspiration, your contagious love of language, and sharing your home (and your goats) with all of us!

marion nammack paganello

Wyndham W Lathem

In honor of Dr. E. Pinina Norrod, Professor of Biology, who inspired me to pursue a career in academic research.


Jennifer Gauthier

sherry chayat

Linda Nochlin was a great inspiration to me. With her encouragement, I spent many years writing on art for ARTNews and other journals and a newspaper column. Her seminal feminist article for ARTNews, "Why Have Their Been No Great Women Artists?", was gr

Mary Carole Starke

John Pellegrini

Linda Kirishjian

Jennifer Allen

Thank you Peter Leonard for helping so many of us become contributing members of the Poughkeepsie community during our time at Vassar!

Alexandria Dempsey

Sara LaCava

To Jake - Vassar gave us both so much, not the least of which is each other. I can't wait to marry you soon!

Cathryn S Stevens

While I’m not a Vassar alum, the College has become a second home for me. This gift is in honor of all the students, faculty, staff, and administrators who make up the profoundly caring and thoughtful community that is our Vassar family.

Julie Sisk

Sarah M Gardner

Natania Gazek

I give in honor of Professor Marque Miringoff, whose lively Sociology courses fundamentally changed the way I understand and engage with the world around me, gifting me with a framework through which to approach my work fighting systemic injustice.

Sara A. Moore

In honor of the College Committee on Sustainability and their Mission: This commitment to environmental responsibility is intended both to educate the College community about environmental issues and to minimize, to the extent possible, the College's impac

Kara E Voght

Carol L. Folmer

Big "Thank You" to everyone working in the Vassar College Office of Alumnae/i Affairs and Development

Judith M. Hudson

Natalie L Condon

Brian Farkas

patricia lichtenberg

I give my gift in honor of my husband, Stephen Lichtenberg, who has filled my life with many wonders including my Vassar education. And my Vassar continuing education. Although, he went to Swarthmore, he's Vassar through and through!

Sarah M Radke

Professor Ben Lotto took me under his wing during my first semester at Vassar. As a kid who had never been anywhere or done anything up to that point, I was in way over my head! Ben helped me rein in my academic enthusiasm, encouraged me to pursue math eve

Stephanie George

Because even in the darkest of times, Vassar has been home to fearless creativity and unbridled possibility. My gift is to the magical black women of the class of 2014 with whom I learned as the great late Maya Angelou says "Surviving is important, Thrivin

Emily F Kemp

Lisa L Lynch

Christina Peltier

Ellen R Morales

Jennifer e henion

Hilairy Ellen Hartnett

Perry Liberty

Today, and every day, I arrived on campus thinking about Vassar's students -- their intelligence, their positive energy, and their potential to change the world. It is my pleasure to support THE VASSAR FUND in their honor because their education resides a

Monica Banks

I would like to honor my Philosophy professor and advisor, Mitch Miller. His passion for dialogue, and openness to ideas, art, and dogs continue to inspire me every day. Thank you, Mr. Miller, the Philosophy Department and Vassar College.

Jamie Seidner

Justin A Purtle

Vassar's generous financial aid allowed me to obtain a first-class education that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. Now that I am in the working world, I consider it my duty to give back so that others might have the same wonderful experienc

Dr Alan Tousignant

Vicki Diamontopulous (spelling is a guess) was a wonderful little old lady on the janitorial staff who always had a kind word to say and was ever willing to make you smile!

Heather McClean

I'm making this gift in honor of Rachel (Weimerskirch) Stack, Mark Pingol, and Jonas Bordo (all '97). We met 22 years ago and I can still remember it as though it were yesterday. I'm incredibly grateful to Vassar for being the type of place where the four

Kate Eberwein

I am thrilled to donate in honour of Debbie Elmegreen and Fred Chromey who always led by example and defined my time at Vassar. From them I learned as much about life, and the kind of person I wanted to be, as I did about Astronomy.

Madeline S Cohen

Gina Bronkie Hammond


Willa C McCarthy

Linda Hildreth

Rose Gelrod

richard w roberts

Judith Dollenmayer

Of Vassar's many wonders, the Art Department stands out for me; its fine faculty & FLLAC have opened my eyes and mind to many worlds I knew from years of earnest looking but thin background.

Robert j Hochberg

I want to remember Mr. Rumble. He was an inspirational professor that taught with a passion that defined the Vassar Educational experience.

Susan H. Brill

Kara E Montgomery

Tiffany Denenberg

This is a small token to express big love for William Gifford. I'm still crazy about Shakespeare and you. Tippi Magid Denenberg, 1989

Elizabeth Randolph

I am donating in honor of Pat Lichtenberg's years of dedicated service to AAVC and the college. Happy Retirement, Pat! Meet you on your deck for cucumber gimlets this summer!

Patricia A. Chapman

Susan E Orton


Go Vassar!

Willa C McCarthy

In memory of Betty Francis, long time Vassar security officer.

Tessie Scroggins '90

Kimathi Marangu ’88

Angel Marvin ’83

Elena Kingsland ’56

Angelic Sosa ’08

Kat Polys Mills ’93

Susan Brkich ’86

Deb Bacon Nelson ’75

Erin Howarth Bardsley ’92

Stephanie Hyacinth ’84

Patricia Neely ’75

Lance Ringel

Cathy Baer

Karen J. Lewis ’68

Lisa Gustavson ’93

Jeffrey King '07

Catherine Palmer Payton ’85


Jesse Stuart '13

Louise Dufresne '13 (In honor of

Rachel Schorr '12

Joshu Solomon '13

Andrew Posada '10

Daniel Feinberg '09

Madeleine Boesche '13

Joseph Schiavo '12

William Leith '14

Nikki Aldeborgh '13

Allison Ross '09

Rachel Egen '92

Daniel Wong '12

Neal and Carolyne McFarland

Jaleesa Johnston '11

Moises Rivera '13

Erica Seigneur '09

Slideshow Antics...

February 15, 2015

I noticed last night that as I added new slides, some of the existing slides disappeared. I am thinking that it may be due to a limitation on the number of slides that can show at one time. As soon as I'm back at my desk Monday morning, I'm going to investigate a fix. 

So don't fear! If your tribute is temporarily missing from the show, it will be back!


We've Extended!

February 13, 2015

Greetings, VC Peeps, 

We've been so inspired by your tributes that we decided to keep the campaign going through the weekend and until the end of business on Monday. I'm signing off for the evening, but will be back tomorrow to upload more tributes into the slideshow! Email your pictures and full tributes to me at vassarfund@vassar.edu and I'll include them.

For those of you who posted a tribute and exceeded the 140 character limit, please email feel free to send the rest to me at the email above. We LOVE hearing from you and sharing all of these moments that matter in the lives of our community members. THANK YOU for sharing your stories and supporting Vassar!


Willa McCarthy ’92
Senior Director, Alumnae/i Affairs and The Vassar Fund

Where to Post Your Note

February 12, 2015


We're hearing from some folks that they are missing the comment box, so we wanted to clarify where it is for you. When you click "Make A Gift" there's a box at the bottom of the screen that says, "Message to Recipient," which is where you enter your tribute. After your transaction processes, you'll be prompted to share a comment on social media (if you so choose) to help us spread the word!

Don't forget that you can also send tributes to us directly at vassarfund@vassar.edu and we'll get them into the slideshow!

THANK YOU for putting your money where your heart is!

Tributes Cut Short...

February 12, 2015

We are incredibly moved by the amazing tributes pouring in, but have noticed that many of you exceeded the 140 character count and as such, your tributes were cut short. 

This makes us sad. 

Please check the donor roll and if your tribute was cut off, email the full tribute to us at Vassarfund@vassar.edu and we'll make sure it's properly showcased in our slideshow!